PANIC!!!!!!! No? We’re still alive… f***

As egoistic and non-believing in any random media crap I was intelligent enough to know: The world will not end today! And see, it still exists.
Probably world #12934082349738252387564785…… in some parallel universe got destroyed by today, but should I actually care?

Despite other human beings who trolled their own “intelligence” (sort of?) on TV by showing off how much money they threw out of the window for survival training, camps and even building bunkers…
I did not:

  • build a bunker
  • took part in any survival training crawling through mud and animal excrements
  • refused to buy Xmas presents
  • resigned from my job
  • waited in a live boat to see the mass waves flooding away everything else
  • stumbled on a mountain to wait for UFOs to pick me up
  • converted to some weird religion praying to a whatever god-being to save my sorry ass and get revived as a… slater?

Indeed I had fun over the last days/weeks with:

  • trolling colleagues and friends
  • buying and receiving Xmas presents
  • drinking Sake at last night’s Kyudo training
  • making plans for Xmas/New Year’s
  • watching my snake eating a mouse
  • watching documentary stuff about the Maya and their prophecies, Hitler and the Nazis, etc

Nowhere being panicked 😀 And you?