x___X I’m sitting in front of my laptop, suffering from an overload of food and a flood of memories.
So 2012 is nearly over. I got 1 holiday, 2 work days, 2 days weekend and 1 holiday in front of me. It’s time to think about some things πŸ˜€
Let’s start with:

  • The End of the World

The world didn’t end. What a shame… I mean… Hooray!

  • Health

I beat my iron anemics this year as my blood screen showed in August. On the other hand I got too less Vitamine B and need to take medicine every 15 days to raise the amount as there’s no sun in The Netherlands πŸ˜› (What a shame for someone like me who doesn’t likes sun *snirg*) Additionally I poisoned myself on food and was in need of 1 month of medicine on the minute per day, but despite that I think I’m fine. At least I feel fine. More or less.

  • Family

Too much happened to actually make me think of my family as home. I do send cards for birthdays and presents for Christmas, but when not receiving something back from one part of the family… first I felt helpless, but as this is going on for years now, I’m numb and emotionless. I adore my family side that didn’t turned out to be rotten and carelessly pushing me aside like trash.

  • Friendship

I made new friends and retained some old ones, got rid of others… 2012 was a real busy year concerning the aspect of friendships. And partly really hard and crunchy. But even so I do not have a big pool of friends, I’m glad the few I got are worth gold! πŸ˜€

  • Love

I was in love… for 5 months (in total 9 months counting the months of 2011) and my heart got broken. Actually pretty mad story, but: It’s time to move on. Nonetheless I’m quite fine being a “lone wolf“… again πŸ™‚

  • Finance

I’m neither rich nor poor. I get my bills paid and can do other things besides that (especially if some unexpected bills show up *lol*) – perfect for me. I never was material, so I can live with what I have. Of course I’d like to have more (who doesn’t?) but that’s another topic. I know what I earn and am able to spend, so of course I do spend money – even if it’s not clothes and shoes as people would expect of a girl πŸ˜›

  • Job

I made some efforts towards people at work, I worked on myself. So I can say: I am a better (working) person than I was last year, so my way isn’t over. No one is perfect. πŸ™‚ I will move on and work on myself… even if people won’t recognize it, I know who will. Me myself and those who care about me. I don’t change for the sake of others anymore, but for my own.

  • Cosplay

I had one cosplay this year, I started to too late with working on it. *doh* So it was half done, but I was okay with the result and the few nice pictures I have πŸ™‚ As for conventions: I got one of my list. If it will get exchanged for something else – hmmm – time will show. For now I don’t plan.

  • Kyudo

I bought my own bow for my birthday, I got the 4th Kyu and am finally allowed to shoot some arrows per training on the Mato. I think that’s amazing progress πŸ˜€

  • Kiba

My snake ate, slept and crawled around a lot after the move in February in his new terrarium. He shed his skin properly and survived his first hibernation. He’s doing great and I can’t wait how much he’s going to grow the next year.

  • My wishes/hopes for 2013

Hopes or wishes… nah, don’t have that. I never know what I’ll have for lunch the next day, so planning ahead for a whole year… ugh. Not that I could come up with something, but as I don’t smoke, drink or do drugs… can’t say “I wish to be able to stop” πŸ˜€ and as I know I won’t start those things I don’t see a reason for wishing I won’t do. I think I’ll see what’s coming and react on the situations as I did this year. Best way to do it as I don’t use my brain for possibilities what could happen instead of what is really happening πŸ™‚

I hope you enjoyed Christmas and wish you a happy New Year!