As last year I’d like to make my very own review of this year.
It’s unbelievable how time passes by and how quickly things change.

My year started with an awesome New Year’s Shooting (Kyudo).
Workwhise I was struggling with a lot of frustration until I did not get a new contract in February. It surprised my bosses very much that I took my rest holidays (which meant 3 weeks) starting 3 days after they told me. I found out they were really busy back then because one person missing – I kind of enjoyed that struggle. May sound weird but as I was still hurt about how I got treated in the process it was the best I could do.

The positive sides of this situation: I lost 7 kg weigth and my stomach issues (caused by stress and frustration) stopped nearly immediately.
The negative side: Although it was planned I could not make it to Japan so I rescheduled it for next year due to the lack of income.

I moved on… and after 2 months of unemployment (and enjoying Disneyland Paris for 5 days around my birthday) I found a new job. It is sometimes tough (tougher than my old job) and really demanding but what I get from it is totally worth it. Someday more, someday less. But because of this very job I am able to fulfill my dream to go to Japan in April/May.

I made some new friends during the year – 2 of them being really close to me by now.
I went to two Dutch conventions with them and had lots of fun. Because of that I found out that Dutch conventions differ from German ones. For the better I’d say. I also was at a German convention in September (the same I usually visit) and it was fun as I met lots of my old friends.

I started playing some new games as I bought a PS3 in July (which is supposedly my Xmas present from grandma), one of them being Final Fantasy XIV.
It succeeded my expectations (as visible in my gaming logs…. or not).
The only thing I did not expect from playing this game: I met my boyfriend there :3 I did not plan to have a relationship but it just happened… on the 24th of December (when we met for some days) 😀
Sadly I can not see him everyday (that’s the thing with distance relationships) but as we talk/play online each day it is endurable for now 🙂

To finalize this year: I hope for a nice year following after this one. So I think basically nothing can top the year of my lucky number (13) but who knows~