I started playing after I installed my new phone… I do think the date is quite nice: 13th of August 😀 although this was unintentionally as my phone simply didn’t arrive the date it was supposed to.

So after installing the app and opening it…. the professor dude asked for my name…. well I wanted to choose my normal one for such things – “DeeVee” was already taken.
I tried a 2nd (Shichika) and 3rd one (Asteria) – taken aswell…. so I chose a name I didn’t use anywhere since I stopped playing FlyFF: KaryuuTheBlade (which is the same name as my Youtube Account *hinthint*) and suddenly it worked. Hooray. (Well that Blade-thing never fit in the name in FlyFF but as it was my class I chose it as a nice thing for YT so well can’t be wrong for Pokémon either.)
Now I started. As I wasn’t aware of the trick how to start with Pikachu (and was located in my apartment without the intention to step outside for this anyways) I chose the very first Pokémon I started back then in the days when playing with a Gameboy was a thing… and when Pokémon Red and Blue were released…. *drum roll*


I chose Charmander (hell, I need to get used to those names, I only know the localized names in German – don’t get me started on the Poké Rap please it plays unintentionally in my brain everytime I catch one of those buggers – at the correct phrase or at least I think it is the correct one…)

I still own that Charmander as I didn’t see any other yet – besides I live close to the sea – how would a fire Pokémon….. anyways…

The first one I actually caught after this default catch was a Spearow. Not a Pidgey.

I caught some Spearows and Rattatas and an Abra which was sitting in my kitchen (I don’t play with AR but I was in the kitchen when it appeared) – so after a few catches my list looked quite cute.

I heard from other people that Pidgeys are a plague but I didn’t see any until I reached Level 4. The moment I told a friend I didn’t see any yet… I saw one. For me up to then it was the Spearow plague.
After the first Pidgey it got less Spearows more Pidgey so now it is my personal Pidgey-Rattata-Plague :/

Back to Day 1. After catching some Pokémon I was running out on balls – I got a PokéStop directly in front of my apartment block buuuuuuuuut it’s 8 floors down and ~25 meters away from my apartment so duh. I went downstairs ONCE the whole weekend to get some stuff from that Stop (hoping for balls) and there was a Grimer sitting directly on the way to the Stop. Caught it and went a few steps further but suddenly my GPS went nuts (well, it was really windy and as I live close to the sea I think there was some dust or something disturbing it maybe – or it is the phone itself). I was standing in front of the Stop and it showed me running somewhere else – it didn’t grab the correct coords even after reopening the app… so I went back upstairs and as soon I switched from Mobile Data to my WiFi it just showed the whole way I walked and let me grab the loot from the Stop. Erm…. weird?
It went directly to normal at my appartment right after so I didn’t care much.
I stopped playing after hatching my first egg (a Caterpie) and reaching level 4 that day.

Meanwhile I ran out on balls…. desaster. I spent some money on coins and bought 300 balls and an later this week an incubator to walk off 3 eggs instead of 2.

Day 2: The next day I continued and hit Level 5…by catching an Eevee CP 111, weight 6.66kg – no kidding! (BTW yes I know about the trick about renaming Eevees to their original trainer’s names to get the actual element versions 😀 for those who don’t: Sparky, Rainer, Pyro)

I knew that I could join a team now. But for that I would need a gym. How to find one if you don’t know which direction to go?
Well I knew there’s one at the church about 700 meters away from home but right when I thought I might go there for registering with my team – my GPS jumped and I was standing right in front of one which was about 1KM away to the east (while the church is to the north) *lol*
So I registered and am a member of Team Instinct since then ❤ Why? Well…. As far as I know Blue and Red are bashing each other while Yellow are kind of doing their own thing… and well… I liked the leader more.
I hatched my 2nd egg – a 5KM which I got from the PokéStop in front of the building: a male Nidoran.
I used an Incense as my GPS location was jumping a bit anyways but after using it it somehow stayed where I am located *lol* I still caught a fair amount of monsters while it was active.
I made it to Level 6 and went to bed as Monday is a work day and I certainly needed some sleep 🙂
I swear: I didn’t move the whole weekend out of my apartment except for once – and I hatched 2 eggs mysteriously walking 7km the whole weekend due to failure of GPS signals… first one was a 2KM: a Caterpie and second was a 5KM egg which was a male Nidoran.

14089473_1131501960230765_1889021622_nI caught 20 different species (and kept only the strongest in my inventory) that weekend without leaving my apartment. Of course the jumping GPS signal killed me as I lost it quite often but as I worked on a wedding present for friends I couldn’t go outside and move around but instead worked on the present while watching movies and catching some monsters.

Day 3: As I walked to the train station on Monday I figured that there are a gym and a stop right next to it so I decided to check both out. The gym was Valor’s property with some high-ranked Pokémon I couldn’t dream of beating them with Level 8 and some low Pokés 😀 so I left for work… and found out: there’s a PokéStop right in front of the office building. Regrettably I am on the other side of the building, meaning I couldn’t reach it. But I soon figured that if I go to the toilet I can reach the Stop…. yay!
Someone activated a lure module and I was able to get a Clefaire 🙂
I also hatched my first 10KM egg: an Eevee *surprise*
When getting to my train station the gym was taken by Mystic – they put some weak Rattatas in, so I beat them 4 times before taking the bus home 😀
Later that day someone activated a lure module at the PokéStop in front of my house and I was able to see and catch a Squirtle. Yay! (Though the Meowth fled -_- I hate cats)

Day 4: Tuesday I had some tough luck… some Pokémon escaped and I saw lot of dark shadows lurking around at work that didn’t get close to my position at lunch break, so I couldn’t try to catch them.

Shortly before leaving work I caught a Hypno at the toilet *_* and not even 5 minutes later I caught a Jynx on my way to the station.

As the gym at my train station was now taken by Instinct, I leveled it up and placed my Hypno in there before claiming my defender reward (500 Stardust + 10 Pokécoins)*lol*14081053_1131493433564951_633717942_n

(I was actually too excited to press the right button so you see the volume thing in the screen instead of the Gym name etc – I play muted, it only vibrates – the sound is pretty much annoying at some point)

Getting PokéBalls was now less of a problem due to the PokéStops on my way to/from work 😀 I finished the day at Level 12.

Day 5: Hypno was back in my inventory from its experience at the gym which was taken by Valor yet again.

I saw some shadows lurking around close to work without catching any. I didn’t spent my lunch break close to the PokéStop as I went to a nice sunny spot with a colleague (sadly no monsters there at the time we had food).

A Cubone hatched from a 5KM egg.

I finished the day reaching Level 13 while saving up my Pidgeys, Rattatas and Spearows instead of throwing them away as usual.

Day 6: For the first time since I started playing I decided to use a lure module and a lucky egg for lunch break. So I sat down at the café in our entrance area of the building, activated both and waited while evolving my stocked-up Pidgeys, Spearows and Rattatas. I made 2 level to Level 15.
Later I went to Haarlem city centre as I was in need of depositing some money to my bank account and ask some questions at two stores…
Haarlem is a freaking PokéStop city….
The beginning of the main shopping street is where I am standing/walking – anything behind that is in the centre of the city /mall.@_@ My inventory was full after I pushed some of these. I threw away all of my Potions (as I had already Super Potions, so no problem) so I could store some more balls 🙂
I finished the day with Level 15 and a freshly hatched Bulbasaur – now I got all 3 first starters together yay!


Day 7: Today was a fun day!


First I caught my 3rd or 4th Pinsir while passing the park behind my appartment block – and a high one (at least for my level),






then the gym was taken by my team again, so I put it there directly (as an open seat was available for anyone of the same team) and beat the crap out of it to gain EXP for the gym.
14055595_1131493366898291_1531428922_n  14081261_1131502010230760_866076150_n








I had some time to do so as my train was late…. Someone had some time as well and wanted to take the gym (and fought against the monsters in it while I tried to level it up) so when I jumped into the train, it didn’t take long to lose the gym – but I had the defender bonus already (and some EXP), so no pain.

Later that day I leveled and evolved several Pidgeys and my Drowzee – it got to be a very neat Hypno (so I could throw away the 600-something-toilet-Hypno one I was using up to now).
My 2nd 10KM egg turned out to be a (weak) Snorlax. I also caught an Eevee at the train station waiting for the bus (as it started to rain) and I am seeing a shadow of a Dratini again, wishing it would find the way into my range as I see this shadow since Saturday -_- It’s one of my favorite monsters so I really really really wish it would be mine soon but so far it just mocks me…

But meanwhile I finally caught a Seel (saw that shadow since Saturday as well and it followed me even to work *lol*) – in a weird spot when my GPS was jumping again earlier – at the park behind my building…. water Pokémon in a park? Riiiiiiight. But well. I caught it and named it after a friend of mine who really loves Seals ❤ she’s aware of it as I posted it to her via Facebook right after I took a screen of the name change.


Here’s a list of Pokémon I caught (or hatched or evolved) so far – by numbers on first picture and by combat power on second.








P.S. That Pidgey-Rattata-Plague is now a Pidgey-Rattata-Nightmare… as some of these moronic things just run away as soon as I threw one ball and missed (or they pushed it away) or they break the ball and flee ~___~ None of the other Pokémon are doing this as frequently as those noobish things are doing that… I can hardly catch a CP 67 Pidgey without failing once anymore. *lol* (Okay, I am using Razz Berries and Great Balls, but only if they are above CP 200)

So that’s it for my first few days. Tomorrow I’m heading to the city centre again. If it doesn’t rain (much) I might walk around to catch some loot and monsters *crossing fingers* Besides that I am Level 16 now – let’s see what level I’ll reach this weekend.