I had an exciting week.
Some new monsters and lots of fun taking gyms and such… got both achievements for training and battling 100 times 😀
my medals for now:

I found out I make about 10-20k EXP/day so I try to get like 15k each day – so far it works out pretty well  – eg: my goal for today was to reach 100k. Currently I’m at 111548/150000 at lvl 24 (too lazy to take a new screenshot for that). So tomorrow’s goal would’ve been 115k but now gets adjustment according to where I will be in about 5 hours before I go to sleep 😀

Soooooo this week I nearly had a barf incident…. I was walking my ass off to get Rapidash. And FINALLY made it at Saturday, 12:13AM (yes I stayed awake JUST FOR THAT, it was weekend anyways nevermind) – I evolved. I was happy and went to sleep. The next day my 5km egg hatches after walking it off for an additional km…. Ponyta – and a better one than the one I evolved ………… no words.
So I guess….somewhen in the future I’m going for a walk with another Ponyta or my Rapidash to get a better Rapidash but before that I’m going to walk my Pikachu!
By the way if you don’t know how to get Pikachu on your shoulder: Simply walk it for 10 km…. really, nothing to it.

For explanation: Electric and Fire types are really rare – although there seems to be a certain place close to work that has Growlithe once every 1-2 hours and I even caught a Vulpix at work last week and some Magnemites and Voltorbs at home but usually nothing like that in the area. I find lots of Water types though. But well. I live close to the sea 🙂

As I hatched another Sandshrew I could finally evolve it to Sandslash and after a few more Eevee catches my Eevee evolved to Jolteon (so it ended up really weak which i didn’t expect but well…the same happened to my Rapidash 😀 guess I need to get a new one *rofl*)
Another egg gave me a Diglet which was a first but I didn’t even see it hatch or something – yay game bug?
Pokémon #100 in my Dex is a Seadra which I could get after catching a final Horsea – woopwoop.

As I did barely any PokéStop this weekend my eggs were hatched and hatched until I was down to one 5km and four 10km eggs. As I went back to work today (Monday~ yay~ not~) I started to get new eggs – 1 being a 2km (Spearow -_-) and the others new 5km eggs. Doesn’t seem like the game wants to give me new 10km eggs 😀
But I’ll gather them until lvl25 and then start breeding alltogether. I’m just waiting for those EXP to get me there – should be Wednesday or Thursday that I can start breeding them.
Today something funny happened – never seen that: I opened a PokéStop and rolled for items when my character moved in front of it for some reason 😀 That was like: WOOOOOOOOOOT the hell? I mean seriously…

I thought I’ll screen my PokéDex for once 😀 I think that’s a decent collection for not going too crazy about gathering these all day after work 🙂 (okay my crapped GPS signal helps alot with walking eggs 😀 I admit that)

Besides….. it’s really traumatising to see a Mr. Mime first thing after waking up… really is…. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Why?!

Let’s see what the following week will be like 😀