Already seven weeks since I started playing ohhh how time flies by.

Well I seemed to have power-leveled somehow with about 15-20k/day (except Raid days) and got to Level 25 (currently 100747/1909000 EXP) and started hatching my 10km eggs immediately *hehe* until I had no more eggs to hatch 😮 (that happened on Sunday)

I started walking my Ekans (after my Pikachu gathered its last candy to evolve it to Raichu) so I could get Arbok (never seen any Ekans or Arbok when walking around so that was the easiest way to get the candy besides hatching them) and when I was in need to make a detour on my way home due to a train issue, I actually caught my very first Lapras which is kind of chubby… very large and very fat 😀 I love it, haha.

There seems to be another wandering monster nest around my building as I catch at least one Electabuzz per day since last Thursday. After my eggs hatched I got some monsters I already had like Onyx, Jinx, Snorlax, Eevee and Electabuzz but also a Magmar (finallyyyyyyy after seeing its shadow so often in Kassel, Germany an egg hatch gave it to me haha).
I also hatched a Tangela and caught a Rhyhorn and could evolve it to Rhydon. Yay.
And a last caught Poliwag made me to evolve my Poliwhirl into a Poliwrath – not many new Pokémon this week but it filled some spots in the PokéDex 😀

This week seems to be a yellow rush – at least for my gym at the train station. I battled Mystic on Monday. It was Instinct yesterday so I trained them to get my Sven (Snorlax) in and trained a bit more until I left for work. usually the monster I put in the gym is destroyed latest 1 hour after I reached work… it wasn’t this time.
When I returned home I expected the gym to be taken by someone else. But Sven still stays as protector – meanwhile not as a crowned monster but still. It’s there. And even today it was still there so I trained the gym again – although the gym lost a level since yesterday afternoon – I wonder what is going on this week 😮 but it’s fun because I get my daily bonus without killing Mystic or Valor but instead can train my own team’s monsters.

I also found out that the “Bonus”-EXP I sometimes get is related to how many Pokémon I catch of a certain type… I think it’s about 50 or 100 of a kind (like Pidgey or Rattata or Drowzee etc) to receive a bonus added to the normal catching exp – it’s actually pretty convenient to get additional EXP once in a while 😀