I got siiiiiiiiiiiiiick!
After starting to sniffle yesterday evening it worsened over night – nose is running, throat hurts and I cough sometimes (glad I bought cough drops yesterday, although that wasn’t the purpose but because it said “Peach” and I was curious about the taste) -_- and i actually thought if I might have been infected with JE as I have 3 insect bites but well this would have been a bit too fast regarding incubation time (and as I specifically asked my doctor if it would be better to get injections before my travel and he denied….well hoping for the best that the Inari bugs didn’t carry the virus – although I don’t know if the other 2 were at Inari or in the city when I walked around)…
but the stings hurt >.< not the one close to my eye but I got one at my collar bone and one at my left hand’s middle finger – so as soon as hair or shirt touches the one at collar bone it itches >.< same for the finger as it itches as soon as something touches it grrrrrrr.

Weather worsened again too. Forecast and internet said it would be nice and sunny … yeah. Clouds. Grey. Some wind. Hooray!
Nevertheless I went on my chosen tour for today which led me from Kyoto station to Kinkaku-ji followed by Ginkaku-ji, the Path of Philosophy and Nanzen-ji.

My travel to Kinkaku-ji was a looooooooong one and I fell asleep in the bus but woke up 2 stations before I needed to get off.
After leaving the bus I walked the few meters uphill to the temple, paid the admission fee and was a bit surprised that I just paid to be led to the temple, a bit of a walk and led out again…. erm….? I wasn’t sure what happened but there went 600 Yen~
It’s a really nice place, even (or especially) with that weather condition today. I think I would’ve been blind when the sun would have been out 😀
The park area is nice but those gift stores at the end of the route were a bit too much for my taste – no, I didn’t take any pictures but there were a few (lot).

I jumped into the bus and drove to Ginkaku-ji, went uphill to the temple, paid admission fee of 400 Yen and was led by the route signs… well this was a worse let-down 😀
I liked the scenery but THIS would have been actually much nicer with good weather 😛 (call me demanding or something but it’s true)

After following the route to the souvenir shop area (-_-) I exited the area and walked down the hill to get on the Path of Philosphy to visit Nanzen-ji.
It took a while to get there (dunno, it felt like 2-3KM?) and there were some small shops and cafés on the side of the road. I actually bought a silk scarf for my grandma at one of these shops and talked to one of the ladies there who was surprised that I spoke Japanese (dejavu of yesterday’s reactions) 😀 so we spoke a bit before I left and went further on the path… for that part I was glad it wasn’t warmer or sunnier – it was a nice walk!

On the way I saw some nice leaves on the ground and red leaves on trees, some buds in full bloom, some cute birds, cats and a monkey! Yes, a monkey! 😮
Took me by surprise. It scared away a cat 😮
Shortly after I saw an old waggon which seems to be a sleeping place for some cats – 3 were already cuddling together there while a 4th jumped onto the roof of the waggon.
Another one wasn’t so far away from there either but was more of a poser as it followed a couple, sat on a bench and stayed there until we took our pictures. After the couple left and it got sick of following them, it turned around and followed some bikes… that black cat actually reminded me of Baghira (The Jungle Book) – especially because of the eyes ❤ I think if I wouldn’t be allergic (or actually liked cats) I would go for such a beauty~ :3

I passed a lot of shrines and temples on the way without entering them as I was getting tired of walking – breathing was also hard due to my cold and my head started to hurt so I just wanted to finish that walk. So I visited Nanzen-ji and walked around on its grounds before continueing to the subway station.

After getting off at my hotel’s station I went to get some food and entered my hotel, took a hot shower, ate something and rolled into my bed 😀 where I am ever since haha.
Forecast says it will rain tomorrow – I guess I’ll see how I feel tomorrow but my forecast says that I might stay in the hotel to cure :/

On the bright side: I finally found out how the aircon in this room REALLY works… so far I thought it would run automatically and correct temperature when I press up/down. It didn’t. Because there is a special button to activate the aircon to blast heat or cold air into the room … and now it does do weird and creepy sounds, haha….ha. Fitting for Halloween?