Pika Pika Pichuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Monday’s update (no patch) gave us a new loading screen and the ability to catch “Pikachu with santa hat” and hatch 7 of the 2nd Gen monsters:
#172 Pichu (5KM egg)
#173 Cleffa (2KM egg)
#174 Igglybuff (2KM egg)
#175 Togepi (5KM egg)
#238 Smoochum (10KM egg)
#239 Elekid (10KM egg)
#240 Magby (10KM egg)
*** I am not sure if that was photoshopped but I saw a Raichu with santa hat – don’t know if the hat stays with the monster after evolve ***


They also released the information that further monsters of the 2nd generation will be added over the next months 🙂 and Pokémon GO is now available in India and other southasian countries.

So my own progress was limited due to my mom visiting me for 4 days – I played using Plus while traveling to sightseeing points (not while we were there *lol*) but in the end that wasn’t much EXP (better than nothing to be honest – Plus is really nice and doesn’t disturbs me from watching landscapes passing by and talking to others) – although I manually caught a Pikachu, my 3rd (well the other 2 were eggs) yay~

I’m still walking my Machoke for candy to evolve it – will still take a while haha.
I’m still level 30 but above 300k/500k EXP so another 1-2 weeks and I’m leveling again.
I still get dozens of 5 KM eggs *sigh* today I finally got a 2 KM egg hooray~ (as I had lots of these before Monday’s update I doubt any of them will hold Pichu or Togepi 😦 but I’m looking forward to hatching eggs 😀 although i doubt the chances might be better than the rare ones like Farfetch’D, Kangashkan or Tauros which I didn’t get so far but I might be wrong)