Hello again!
Another week is over and we get some new Pikachu to catch 😮 It wears a festive party hat to celebrate the Pokémon Day.
The event is already running since 26th of February, 1PM PST and will end on 6th of March, 1PM PST.
Originally I thought I will never catch this bugger due to my area not being a normal spawn for Pikachus (talking about a coverage of 20KM from home to work) but I actually got one today at Haarlem Station 😮
There was also a new patch on Monday, 27th of February which just was made to improve stability of the game. Don’t know where exactly because I didn’t had issues but well you never know 😀

I’m walking my Omanyte now as Kabuto got his final candy and was evolved 😀

I also thought there wouldn’t be a possibility to get Satan-material in the wild (as I got them from evolutions so far) but apparently it is possible *lolz*

Some new monsters joined my collection but I was most surprised to get a 100% Stantler  from an egg, hooray:
Stantler (hatched), Skarmory, Chikorita, Chinchou, Slugma (hatched), Ledian, Matine and my evolved Kabutops!

I try to get 25k EXP per day – usually I get more. Some days I don’t, depending on if it’s a work day or weekend and if I fight in a gym or not (well on weekends that doesn’t matter as I don’t have a gym close to my home and am not going out every weekend to beat stuff in gyms)

PokéStops do grant upgrade items but on a really low rate, so I didn’t get any new yet 😦 But I hope for better monsters anyway before I upgrade them 😀 (e.g. I don’t have either a Gloom or Slowpoke ready to do that anyways)

But anyhow: I enjoy the new patch and hope for some nice additions and events this year 🙂 especially as they announced there will be at least 3 big patches coming up in 2017.

\\edit: Right after posting this I found a new upgrade item at a PokéStop. And hatched a Poliwag a few hours later. I evolved it to Poliwhirl and upgraded it to Politoed 🙂