Another week is over~
And the Pikachu event is over as well.
I caught some of these buggers with the festive party hat – I think they never wrote it on the official page but changed the spawn rates of Pikachu so people like me who never see Pikachu can catch it too.
There was another patch but as it said “minor text fixes” it’s not really worth mentioning, is it?

Some new buggers joined my team: I caught a Remoraid and hatched another one just a day later 😀
Yesterday after work I caught a Pineco.
Right after posting my last blog I got a Politoed from a hatched Poliwag and obtained King’s Rock.

I’m walking my Omanyte – that will take a long while to get it evolved 😀

I really think I got too many 10km eggs right now 😦 I was in need to walk one last weekend as I got rid of all my 2KM and 5KM eggs – I hatched a Dratini 😮 which I really could’ve needed when I was walking Dratini but well~ why not~ I just really don’t want to walk 10km eggs really often right now as I’m sparing them until level 35 when I get new Incubators for free – on the other hand I might need to walk them before that to get some space… right now I am back on 6x 10KM eggs. That’s alot 😀
Left picture = weekend’s eggs, right picture = today’s eggs.

The fight over the train station gym is really hard these days *lol* usually my monster (Gyarados) is getting kicked out right after I put it in – latest 10 minutes later *lol* fun! As long as I get my daily reward I don’t mind.