For once I’m glad I didn’t post earlier this week as I would’ve missed to put down the news: there is a new event!
And what’s more fun about it – appearantly there’s a chance to catch the special Magicarp although the chances are damn low *lol* but that golden Carp evolves to a red Gyarados *_*!
There’s also a Magicarp hat in the fashion shop.

Due to a pop-up in the game I think they changed the rates for dropping evolve stones at PokéStops. That pop-up said it’s a 100% chance for the 7th day spin now. Well, I will find out on Sunday.

The last few days I was tormented by Plus – chances of catching were pretty damn low 😦 especially 2 days before I had my level up. But thanks to manual catches that day and the following day I managed to get to level 34. Since then Plus catch rate seems to be back to normal *lol* I think that’s the same as “xx runs away” rates being damn high before a level up too. My own opinion on that.
Although Plus caught me my very first Turtle AKA Shuckle – usually it fails these new monster catches.

Ater evolving Charmeleon to Charizard I wanted to walk Chansey…. but Chansey evolved quite fast thanks to 2 hatches *lol* I am walking carrying Togepi right now 😀

As the event started yesterday evening, I caught an Octillery and missed a CP 66 Totodile -_- yeah, for real. It broke out of my first ball and fled. Noob-shit.

So that’s the actual PokéDex – excluding the first 150 slots as I got these except the legendaries and continent-exclusives. Dunno how I’ll ever get these as they only hatch from eggs that were obtained on different continents and I’m not going to give my account data to someone to get them for me (or pay a service to catch them or something – that’s bannable by the way)

Oh yeah.
In case you didn’t notice I changed my style 😀
old -> new: