I’m so so soooo glad that special water event is over soon. I’m sick of catching Staryus and Remoraids -_- meanwhile it was confirmed officially that it’s possible to catch the shiny Magicarp – although I didn’t see any but I saw a red Gyarados in a gym *jealous*
I got a few hours left but I don’t think I will see the shiny Carp. I don’t mind 🙂 I just hope the spawn rates regulate themselves soon after the event.

In case you wondered why my character looks different – I changed the looks haha 😀 and I just need 1 more damn kilometer to evolve Slugma ~.~

If I’d know before that there is a special event and that I’d see so many Omanytes I wouldn’t have had the need of walking that bugger *lol* Caught a dozen of them -_- Rare spawned before and now I catch like 3 in 2 hours -_- annoying~

Due to the new patch being released last weekend (which implemented the 100% chance on an evolve item with your 7th day spin at PokéStop and had “minor text fixes”) I was able tog et another King’s Rock and evolved a fresh caught Slowpoke to Slowking.
I caught a Qwilfish and a Totodile. Due to another Phanpy and Pineco hatching I could evolve them to Donphan and Forretress.

I am really looking forward what they are planning for Easter and if it’s worth my time or not – because from what I can tell by catching things from the event: waste of time… except those new ones I didn’t had in my Dex before.
But I usually ignore Staryus and Marills – my inventory got flooded with them and Remoraids *lol*.

Although I must say I don’t look forward to Murkrow mass-spawning after the event ended -_-