I wonder if we will get an Easter event 😮
Yeah, seriously, that’s the first thing I put down in this week’s summary, haha.

I forgot to post a picture of my Togetic O___O whyever. Dunno.
I also caught a new one: Dunsparce.
I hatched a Girafaric – after dozens of Staryus and Psyducks. That stupid water event influenced my eggs as crazy and wouldn’t stop -_- still got some eggs from that time so yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more trash things to hatch.
My Girafaric hatched actually at a total dumb time and was immediately put into the gym *lol* as I was too lazy to scroll down for others.
I finished walking Slugma and evolved it to Magcargo.
Last Sunday was my 2nd time I received an upgrade item from the 7-day-spin. I ended up with a Dragon Scale which made me evolve my Seadra to Kingdra 😀
Gonna look forward to this Sunday.

I walk Cyndaquil right now and found out my mushy GPS at my 2nd phone seems to be fixed, at least sometimes, as it doesn’t walk around as much as it did before 😀 which is good (just bad for hatching and gathering candies).