Hello again.
I updated my game to the newest version and am surprised. This is the first update since three patches ago which I don’t need to deinstall, download and install the complete game again. Let’s wait for a bigger update so I can complain again that Niantic doesn’t check their own shit 😀

Pokémon GO will have a new event~ starting today (which is also my birthday hoorah!).

This event will feature Rock types and increase the buddy’s candy drop rate – 4 times as fast… meaning? Distance /4, so a 2km = 250m, 3km = 0,75m, 5km = 1,25km.
Also: More items will be obtained from PokéStops and PokéBalls are 50% off in the in-game shop. A new avatar item will be added: Explorer Hat.
The event will take place between 18th of May, 1PM PDT and 25th of May, 1PM PDT. In my time zone (Amsterdam, CET) that’s…. 10PM 😀

I am walking my Sunkern now, since I finished walking Scythor and evolving it to Scizor.
I hatched a decent Eevee a few weeks ago, needed some candies but finally could evolve it to an Umbreon – using the name cheat of course.

Two days ago I caught a Wobbuffet and yesterday I hatched a Mareep. And that’s about it for this week 🙂