I went on holiday. With my best friend. She is great but circumstances drove us both crazy on our travel day *lol*

First things first: We thought it might be nice to go on holiday together. But where? Well, after some thinking we decided for Scotland. Edinburgh, Highlands, Beach. Woop. Everything’s good. Everything’s planned. Mostly paid. And then… I get fired a month before our departure. I spent 2 weeks at home before the holiday (I was reaaaaaaaaaaaaally bored and wrote a s**tload of applications and played alot online and with my cat) and was anxious, looking forward to the holiday as I really needed some “fresh air”.

On Friday before our travel I had a job interview. On Saturday I picked my friend up at the train station. We talked about the holiday and what to do when and whatever. We went to cinema to watch “Avengers: Endgame” and then we talked through the last details concerning the flight – as she never flew before.

On Monday we went to the airport 3 hours before departure. Luggage couldn’t be registered yet, our seat numbers weren’t available yet, either. About 40 minutes later we could check in the luggage but no seat numbers yet. Okay, whatever. We went through bodycheck. Suddenly the gate changed. Then the time: flight delayed by 30 minutes. Another gate change. And once again. We received our borading passes with seat information but the lady forgot to return my bag information sheet, which I remembered when I already sat in the plane…duh.
We took off with a 50 minutes delay, which made us miss our connective flight at 4PM in Schiphol, Amsterdam. We were rebooked by the airline to 9PM.
Ofcourse we got new boarding cards at the service desk and a food voucher for 10 EUR/Person to get food at any bar or restaurant at Schiphol Airport. We spent that on cake and drink at Starbucks *lol*
We took off to our new gate and waited… flight delay and gate change. Another gate change later we were at the right gate with a departure time of 11PM.

Meanwhile we found out the delays were caused by a thunderstorm rushing across Germany, causing air traffic difficulties for several flights (basically all across Europe).

My friend and I were seated away from each other and I spent the flight time talking to a freshly-wed dude who asked for travel tips on Japan/Tokyo. I was worried about my luggage as – in worst case – I wouldn’t be able to track it. Landing was at 1AM local time (2AM my usual time) and we found our luggage just fine (phew). We bought bus return tickets from airport to city and walked to our hotel. We arrived there at 1:36AM and fell asleep.

This morning we woke up from our alarms at 7:30AM/7:45AM and went down to breakfast. We headed out to get some additional drinks and food at a supermarket and stored them in our room, then headed out for our day 1 adventure.

Original plan: Edinburgh Castle, Royal Mile, St Giles Cathedral, Hollyroodhouse.

We went to Waverly Station to exchange our pre-booked vouchers for our Edinburgh Tickets (valid for 48h including bus fares of 3 lines and entrance fees for Edinburgh Castle, Hollyroodhouse and Yacht Britannia) and walked to the Scots Monument, down to Princes Street Gardens, up to Edinburgh Castle. We checked out basically everything, originally wanted to watch the 1PM cannon being fired but left early as we were annoyed by the human masses flooding into the castle. We went to several souvenir shops, visited St. Giles Cathedral, took a bus for 2 Stations to Hollyrood and visited the Palace, the abbey and the garden. After we went for a late lunch/early dinner and walked back to the hotel visiting some more stores on the way while it started to rain. We returned to the hotel at 6PM.