It poured down the whole night, it continued today…

After breakfast we went to the bus station and took a bus to Ocean Terminal to visit the yacht Britannia.

First we went to check out the mall and decided to go for lunch there later. The rain stopped then.
We boarded the yacht and my friend said “Look, there’s a corgie sitting in the window” – it was a plush corgie. We both laughed and took a picture and went on our exploration tour on board (we refused to take audio guides earlier. As some people were listening to it on high volume, we didn’t miss much anyway).

Any time we found another plush dog, we giggled, I took a picture of it before we continued our tour. My friend said: “You know, it’s kind of sad they don’t have a game how many dogs are on board” – I agreed.

After our tour we ended up in the gift shop and I saw the very same plush corgies as on board of the yacht, directly went to them and laughingly tell her: “Oh look, now we can buy them”. A shop assistant came up to ask telling us there is a treasure hunt and we could guess how many dogs were on board. If we win we get a teddy in captain clothes. My friend looked at me, I looked at her, we both looked at the shop assistant and started laughing. We told her I took pictures of any dog we could find 😀 she smiled and said if we’d like we could fill out the participation cards and take a button.
She then left us and we filled out the papers and took buttons before leaving for lunch at the wagamama (Japanese styled restaurant). I really loved the fresh juice :3

***I will not spoil the fun to anyone and tell how many dogs were on board – I know for certain my result is correct as another shop assistant confirmed the amount when I bought my very own plush dog***

After lunch we took the bus back to the city while it started to rain heavily again. We went to Jenners and checked out some gift shops before returning to the hotel. Tomorrow we will be on a 12 hours trip (hopefully no rain).