Today we went to breakfast as usual: getting down at 8AM-ish. It was really crowded there today 😮 But we got food and were stuffed.

My friend seemed to have a stomach issue of yesterday (or before) and was feeling a wee sick. We still went on our planned travel to Calton Hill, Arthur’s Seat and the National Museum of Scotland.

Today morning’s weather was absolutely perfect for some walking/climbing.

First we went to the Bank of Scotland to get some cash 😀
After we walked to Calton Hill and took a walk there, sat down for a bit (until it got too cold in the wind) and passed the Burns Memorial, checked out the New Calton Burial Ground and followed the road to the Hollyrood Palace shop (where I got a little corgie keychain) and further to Arthur’s Seat.
Originally we planned to go to the top but thanks to my sick friend and my own wobbly legs (possibly too much walking/climbing the last few days) we only made it to St. Anthony’s Chapel ruins.
We still took some fine pictures and got worried about the thick grey clouds coming up – especially as the wind blew them into our direction.
We went to the hotel for a break and lucky us, we didn’t get wet in the brief shower that came down while we were in the hotel – yay.

After it cleared up we went outside around the corner to visit the National Museum of Scotland. It’s free. It’s awesome.
On our way back we went to the Ever ever after shop (which is just across our hotel) and I got 3 cute little Disney character statues (and as the shop sells them as a 3-for-2 promotion I only paid 2 ❤ yay). Pictures of all of my shopping sprees will follow in my concluding post of this travel :3

We bought some food and returned to the hotel, just in time before the next shower… man, we really are lucky today 😀