Our holiday continued today with an early breakfast as usual. Well, 8AM due to hotel’s breakfast times closing at 9AM *lol*

We then waited a bit before leaving the hotel to see if the rain would lift. We went outside and bought umbrellas to avoid running around in wet clothes (as we did at Loch Ness) – I got a cute blue with colorful cats (picture will follow in my concluding post about the holiday).
After we climbed some streets and walked around in the Royal Botanical Garden Edinburgh. We didn’t buy tickets to check out the greenhouses and honestly it still was worth our time spent there. So many different plants in one park. It’s awesome. And it doesn’t take much time to see all corners either.
You can see alot of bees and other insects gathering pollen at flowers if the season is right. Most flowers were already declining but the insects were still busy :3
We saw a squirrel dashing directly towards us, then coming up right in front of my feet before running further to greet another squrreil charging up behind us. Both leaped into the grass after that. So cuuuuuuuuuuuute ❤

We took the bus back to the city, bought food and returned to the hotel – just in time before another heavy rain came down. At 3PM we left the hotel and got caught by a new cloud thinking about dropping all its contents on us x__x We went to Greyfriars Bobby and patted its nose for luck, before checking out the Greyfriars kirkyard where JR Rowling appearently got some of the ideas for her Harry Potter books.
To be honest I’m not the greatest fan BUT I expected a wee more. Especially tidyness, but some graves are being used as trash bins (by tourists and locals) and that is more than disgusting! Plus the most important graves to check out were in maintenance (?) so linen were put over them to avoid people looking at them. Bummer!

Another disappointment was the shop at Victoria’s Street. Seriously… it’s damn crowded ofcourse but it was a let down merchandice-wise too. I don’t know what I expected but reading all travel guides before seemed to have hyped me too much I guess. To be honest: I liked the Harry Potter shop (it’s called “The Boy Wizard” anywhere) at Royal Mile more than this one 😡

After all these mild disappointments we actually had some fun (in the rain) at Royal Mile: We saw an entertainer from Australia, named JP Koala, watched his show, had a lot of laughs and had a nice talk with him afterwards :3 He’s damn cool. If you ever have the chance to see his performance, please do so! (Right now he’s in Edinburgh *lol*)