First of today: let’s rewind to yesterday. Last night after I wrote the blog we went downstairs to the hotel’s restaurant and had a late dinner.

Due to the hotel’s eco program we received a 5 Pound voucher every day the cleaning staff didn’t need to clean the room. We had 4 – adding up to 20 Pounds and we could use them all in one go.
So as we are two we shared the vouchers on our food: my friend ate fish&chips and a dark beer, while I went for a cheeseburger and 3 cups of icecream (vanilla, chocolate and salted caramel).
The guy down there seemed to like us (and we gave plenty of a tip) so he gave us a voucher for 2 free drinks. Well~ guess where we went tonight 😀

So now forwarding to today.
After an early-as-usual breakfast we took the bus to the Edinburgh Zoo. We were there shortly before opening hours and it seems that was too early for most of the animals aswell as we barely saw any :/
I was stalked by a pelikan though. The moment I got into their part of the zoo he ran up towards the glass between them and the visitors, running up and down the glass to show off. When I went to another place he raced up to me and stopped just right before the glass. I freaked, my friend was laughing her ass off 😛
We walked uphill and downhill and up and down and left the zoo after ~3 hours and took the bus to the opposite direction of the city to Portobello Beach.

We strolled around the beach and took some nice pictures. A wee dog mistook me for his owner and followed me for a few steps (so cute).
We found a crab at the beach although we don’t know if it was alive or dead 😡
And we had a quite good laugh about the trash advertisement (love how Scots take care about the environment in general): “Keep Porty tidy”.

After we had enough of the wind, we left by bus in direction of our hotel. We stayed a few minutes in our room before going for dinner at the restaurant downstairs. The same dude as yesterday was there and started laughing as we came in (we laughed hard too). We took our free drinks, a cheeseburger (my friend) and a grilled salmon (mine mine mine). It was really good.

So now I am sitting here with a full belly, watching TV, writing this blog and avoiding packing stuff for tomorrow’s travel back home 🙂