Our last day in Scotland was on Monday, 10th of June, 2019 (I didn’t post yesterday as I was too tired :D)
Well, last day as in: travel day.
Breakfast > Check-out > Bus > Airport 1 > Transfer at airport 2 > Airport 3 > Train > Home.

For whatever reason the weather decided to be nice on our leaving day. It was so warm – well for us at least as we were carrying luggage *lol* down the hill. Still was hard walking in the sun like a mine worker (that’s how it felt).
Spending ~3 hours at the airport didn’t make it any better (I don’t like the airport to be honest) and our flight was delayed by ~20minutes. Which only gave us about 25-30 minutes transfer time in Amsterdam (arrival gate D53, departure gate B24) ….. if you know how big that airport is you know: we RAN for it! Literally. Until passport control. Man those minutes waiting felt like hours…. and sprint again until gate, which just opened so yay we did that thing in less than 15 minutes *PROUD*
I asked the stewardess for some water as our clothes clinged to us and we sweat like ….some weird random zombies… she got us some – thanks, KLM love you for your service!

We were delayed by another few minutes as some passengers couldn’t make it to the gate in time (might’ve been on our flight) and they needed to get their luggage out of the plane.
The flight was a bit bumpy as we crossed some bad-weather-clouds but we were on time, picked up the luggage and took the train home. Where my cat greeted us like a maniac 😀 he’s so cute ❤ We spent a calm evening and my friend went home today.

While I’m writing this, my cat lies next to me, his arse on mine, all four paws into the air. Guess he really missed me *thinks* although his sitter took good care of him while I was away :3

Looking back at the holiday besides weather (because that’s the only thing that partly messed up our plans): It was GREAT spending about a week in Edinburgh (and taking a trip to Loch Ness/Highlands)!

Bad things first (not gonna talk about weather here): Our disappointment of the Greyfriars Kirkyard and stupid tourists. First thing because it’s being used as a dump for trash in any possible or impossible corner. Scots are well aware of environment and take great care to keep it clean but this place is a dump 😦 (you might only see it if you’re not being guided by a, well, guide but we didn’t search for it but saw it)
For tourists: sometimes I felt like I’m on a table with food and everyone sees it while I don’t – they rush towards me, push, hit or stomp on feet like crazy (this happened especially at NON-crowded places like open sidewalks or even on Royal Mile when no one walked besides me and my friend: they had like 2 meters space and came close enough to just push us away or suddenly stop right in front of us being surprised where we came from…. dafaq. To be honest: this might happen anywhere but it was really wild and I didn’t expect it to be this bad.

BUT…. Good things: lots to sightsee (although we didn’t do anything you can do due to lack of interest or time), lots of nice landscape (if you decide to leave town it’s even better), lots of nice gift shops and restaurants, lot of nice people. And we also had some really awesome encounters like the squirrels at the Royal Garden and the entertainer JP Koala at the Royal Mile.
What I personally liked most: the Disney store across the street of our hotel *lol* I’m a fan, I can’t deny it. No kidding 😛

Besides that:
The air mail is damn fast. We put postcards into the letter box on Thursday, most cards arrived already on Saturday.
And as I still play Pokemon Go I caught a pink Shellos (can only get the blue ones at my place) at Loch Ness and named it Nessie. Rofl. Just for the lulz.

In the end we did spend some money on souvenirs, food and such but not much on entry tickets for museums or something. Our entries to Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh Castle and Yacht Britannia were prebooked online (and worth it. 48 hours of hop on/hop off bus travels included), as well as our Highlands/Loch Ness tour. Anything else we did on the go and except Edinburgh Zoo and related bus travels to Zoo and Beach anything else was totalling to zero. Not really: I spent some money to support the museum but that’s left for the common sense of people to do (I love that kind of thing: check something out for free and leave some money if you liked it) and I also donated some money to Edinburgh Zoo and JP Koala. Because it felt right.

As promised “loot” pictures will be put in this post 😀 At the end as usual.
A Robin Ruth messenger bag “Edinburgh City”
3 Disney figurines (clear on 2nd picture: Pinocchio’s Figaro, Hercules’ Pegasus, Alice in Wonderland’s Chesshire Cat)
A cat-featured umbrella (last picture features my cat Berlioz (former stray from Greece) who couldn’t just leave it be :D)
A Royal Yacht Britannia corgie plush
A highland cow plush
A corgie keychain (from Holyrood Palace)
A cat keychain
A highland cow keychain
A fluffy highland cow keychain
A scottish/celtic (can’t remember which) symbol keychain
A Holyrood/Windsor tea tin (including tea bags)
An afternoon tea tin
A package of Cranberry/Rasperry tea
3 shortbread tins each featuring a cat playing a bagpipe
3  magnets (cow, tiger, wild cat)
3 buttons “I found Clarence the corgie” (free of charge from Yacht Britannia shop, 2 are hidden behind the tea bin oops)
2 trump cards “Koala” (free of charge from Zoo shop)

I will keep most of the stuff except 2 buttons, 2 tin boxes and the afternoon tea as these will go to family members. And I am waiting for my own postcard I sent off on Monday as I had a stamp left and thought it would be too sad if I just left that money not being used (stamps are more expensive in Scotland than they are in Germany), so I’m kinda looking forward to its arrival 😀