*WOOOOOOOSHHHHH* <– this was the last year 😀

Owning a cat made things much more endurable, well some *lol*

January to April went by pretty boring, though.

In April I got the feeling my bosses were on their way to fire me. Suddenly hiding in their offices whispering – they never did that before. They also tried to get me talk about my private life alot and I went silent at some point. Then they made up things, like I didn’t clean the dish washer in time (it was on between 10AM and 12PM, I cleared it after lunch break at 12:30PM….) or being rude to customers (euhm…nope) or talking to other employees while being on telephone duty (yes, I did but I did get the call after 2nd ring, big deal) – whatever they had the feeling went wrong it was shoved downwoards my throat.
I talked to my mom when I visited her on Easter Sunday/Monday and she said: “Talk about it”
I tried. Honestly. I was shot down with the following words: “if you got time to worry about your position you should work on it”…. well, wow.
I went looking for a new job Friday after Easter.

I was fired on 14th of May (4 days before my birthday). With a “holiday” until 15th of June.
I wasn’t even sad, not much at least. I was mad I couldn’t throw them my resignment in their faces but hoorah I was free!
But that also dealt a great blow into my budget as I didn’t get my holiday money as they “graciously kept that to cover my forced month of holiday” and besides I didn’t know I somehow seem to have a “daddy issue that effects my work life” or “being an emotional wreck”. Some verbal pearls of how much my bosses appreciated me.
More than a few reasons to sue them but obviously word against word. You can only lose if noone else can hear what they say.

So…In June, I went on holiday to Scotland for a week. I had job interviews before that and could get a job starting on 17th of June. I got knowledge of that when we were waiting for our plane – nice timing!
So I flew away knowing I didn’t need to think about what would happen after my holiday.
I then started the new job as a temporary worker for 3 months. In September I got the contract at my new company – my contract is a fixed-term contract of 2 years but who knows, maybe I can stay after that.
I really like it there 🙂 and I work on less things and earn nearly double as in my previous job which is a plus aswell. I can focus on one thing and one thing only (with 2 side projects of my own chosing and taken on voluntarily).

Meanwhile my little boy (cat: Berlioz) discovered his interest for teeth inflammation… I went to the vet and he got meds. The meds worked but it started again after he didn’t take them anymore. In the end I found out: he’s allergic on some toy-fabrics. Threw the toy out, inflammation gone. Tadaaa!
He also had some I-need-to-eat-this-garbage-bag-string again and I went to the vet clinic so he could throw it up before it could damage his stomach. He was given an injection and was totally knocked out by it… literally. He seems really sensitive on stuff like that.
Since then everything is good on his end because: garbage bags are kept in a new trash bin he can’t jump in or get the bag’s string off and he is much more relaxed since he is able to sleep in bed next to or on me whenever he wants to. :3 Aaaaaaaaaaaand he gets loooooooots of love and good food and snacks.

Cat happy, Owner happy.

We spent Christmas and New Year alone. No visitors, nothing to do. Watching movies and series on sofa and cuddling. And well: we slept into the new year aka decade. No big deal. I don’t like fireworks, he neither. So we slept, haha.

The new year started as the old ended: pretty quiet (except neighbor-whise as they discovered their fable for screaming at each other all day).
I’m looking forward to May: I’ll be in Japan for 3 weeks 🙂 Berlioz will stay home with his cat-sitter taking care of him. I wonder if he’ll be mad 😀 Kiba (the snake, still alive and kicking around driving the cat crazy, 10 years old woohoo) most certainly won’t.


So. Happy New Year, everyone!