Hello and happy birthday to my blog πŸ™‚

It’s been a while since I really, really, REALLY posted something here… and lots of things happened.

First of all: My corn snake Kiba is still alive and kicking (he is now 11 years old) and I got a fancy little cat named Berlioz in 2018 (he is 3 years old).

I went to Japan twice (Tokyo and Kyoto), Ireland and Scotland since I started this blog. Sadly my third trip to Japan was cancelled due to Covid-19 😦

My eyes were lasered last October (no more glasses!). I’m fine, although I need new treatment on my left eye as it got worse for some reason. It actually did within a year after surgery, so this correction will be free of charge (except travel and hotel costs).
I’m not too worried about it. It won’t be the same surgery and not as much time consuming as the first time was when I let both eyes get lasered. I will have another check-up in January and will decide on a date to let the surgery happen.

Back when I started this blog, I was still into Cosplay, Kyudo, Pokemon GO and starting on 20th of September, 2013: FINAL FANTASY XIV.
Thinking about these times: I made so many friends and learned so much πŸ™‚

Meanwhile, I dropped two hobbies completely: Cosplay and Kyudo.
One for being too money and time consuming (also: community changed for the worse) and the other due to an injury I don’t seem to recover. It might be psychic, but no doctor can put a thumb on it.
For all I care: I made my peace and moved on.

I stopped playing Pokemon GO shortly after Covid-19 hit and started playing a few weeks ago, not as hard as I was before, though.

I am totally hooked on FFXIV and also started playing the FINAL FANTASY Trading Card Game. Both titles are really underestimated – meanwhile lots of WoW players decided to pick up FFXIV (better story and community, not lying) πŸ™‚
The TCG is below most people’s radar – it was for me aswell and I’m so into it I bought basically everything I could find (and pay for) in about 3 months *lol* I got a nice collection now πŸ™‚

Due to my freelancer job (unpaid) that I picked up on 20th of February, 2020 I got into games I wouldn’t play if not for testing them out: Bravely Default II and Stranger of Paradise FINAL FANTASY Origin (2. Demo, the game will release next March). Of course I play other games – no title to be carried here as it’s just however I feel like I play about 3-4 hours.

Right now I am unemployed. This happened thanks to me trying to stay at my last employer for too long and not deciding what I want to do and also Covid-19 situation that burned a lot of companies and their need of staff.
Actually I am biased about it: On one hand I enjoy sleeping until whenever I feel like it (usually 8AM, except weekends) and not really planning anything for the days except housework and such, on the other hand I really enjoy having days filled with lots of appointments to keep me really busy (and exhausted).

But there’s basically nothing I can do about it. Just sending applications and wait πŸ™‚ Something will happen sooner or later.

On that note I am really happy about adopting a cat: His presence means so much to me – especially through the hard year of 2020 when basically nothing ever happened except Home Office, annoying people everywhere who also were really annoyed about everything and well… basically nothing else.
He kept me busy or cuddled up to me when he saw a need. Speaking about him: He made a mess of my laundry in the bath tub a few minutes ago…

Pets are the best! ❀