3 years ago I let Misha go over the rainbow bridge.

Misha was diagnosed with effusive FIP.
The origin might’ve been my other cat, Berlioz.
I got Berlioz the very same day I got Misha, but Berlioz had diarrhea which wasn’t checked by the shelter. They said it was stress – and they could’ve been right because Berlioz reacts with diarrhea when being put into stressful situations, even nowadays.

Misha was sick. Really sick. No cure available.
Every day would have been a strain on this little one-year-old cat which already refused to eat and drink, so I did the best I could do: I called the vet and let them euthanize my kitten.

I didn’t think about this thing the whole day up to shortly before I wanted to go to bed… I patted the head of the little wood statue containing his ashes and looked through the memory book I made.
I started crying and Berlioz came sitting next to my chair, silently watching if I need assistance.

I’m fine now. I still miss him.
May you rest peacefully, my little Romanian boy.