Happy New Year!

My 20th week was quite satisfying harrrrr.
The day I posted the last blog I caught a Machop – meaning I could walk 4KM less on that arse \o/ and I managed to evolve that Machoke to Machamp, so I’m done, done, done! I’m walking Dratini now (again… I did walk it while Halloween event for one candy before deciding I would use the time for Magicarp to get Gyarados) 🙂
I bought a Great Pack from the shop (before they were exchanged for the bronze/silver/gold packs on Friday) so I could get 4 incubators to get rid of my 5km eggs…. and indeed it worked as I got some 10km eggs right after these were gone *lol* and I bought a Bronze Pack to get some lures.

I hatched a Cleffa on 29th of December and a Pichu on 30th of December and a Smoochum on 3rd of January- missing only the Maggy and Togepi in the list of the babies that were introduced in the beginning of December, 2016.

Funny story:  I was talking about Kabuto missing from my PokéDex and wanting it really badly with a friend when suddenly Kabuto’s shadow popped in “nearby”. I was like: “…. …………… okay, I’m going outside.” I just got home, my battery was on 15%, I had just changed my outside clothes for my home-clothes and it was really cold but … who cares. I went out with my jumpers, scarf, fingerless glothes, jacket and ballerinas (no socks), 8 floors down and in direction of the park. I lost the shadow, so I turned around and went into direction of the passenger tunnel where my PokéStop is, went into the tunnel, Kabuto plopped, i caught it, me happy and went back, caught some other stuff, waited for the 5minutes cooldown on the stop, back upstairs and posted the screen I took when catching Kabuto 😀 Hands were freezing cold, feet not. Weird.

That was on Friday, 30th. I found out that the neighboring PokéStop to mine in front of the building harbors some Kabutos since Friday after I caught mine… so I decided to go on a walk on 1st of January and activate a lure at that stop. Bam! Kabuto appeared. Caught it 🙂
There was also a young boy who was also hunting for monsters and saw me walking around the park area. He approached me and asked me really shy if I was the one activating the lure and which team I am – so cute ❤
I caught a 2nd Kabuto and the 3rd I saw yesterday ran away after 2 balls 😦 TOday I will try again 😀

The train station’s gym was finally taken on 30th of December, although I beat the crap out of Valor that morning yet again. But before that happened I had another gym beaten on 29th after work, so I got my first time reward for 2 Pokémon in a gym – hooray~
For some that might not be really special or something but it is for me as it’s really hard to keep monsters in gyms around here 😀
It was actually also 27th of December that I first saw that the PokéStop “Crystal Tower” was changed into a gym 😀 Hooray! It’s on my way from the station to work and vice versa and usually people that are visiting town and staying at the Meininger Hotel next to it are putting their monsters in (usually Valor or Mystic – didn’t see any Instinct yet) – so as I had some time  before going home, I pushed Mystic’s level 3 to 0 and claimed my 2 monster reward 😀

Meanwhile the train gym was taken over again so my Garuda is back in my bag 😀 (Sven survived about 1 minute at Crystal Tower *lol*)

Since the new event increased the appearance rates for the starter Pokémon I might be able to have Charizard and Venusaur soon 🙂 I will wait with evolving until the event is over I guess (as I already made that mistake twice to evolve rubbish Bulbasaurs and don’t want to waste other ones while I usually can’t catch these and need to walk the bugger).
Sunday was fun though. My first catch: Charmander CP10 😀
15878674_1266585253389101_1508235756_nI will have an exciting afternoon as I will need to go to the city centre and to the PokéStop with Kabuto today (and end up frozen at home after that tour) – I guess nothing new will appear but I always hope for some Dratinis as the whole city centre is surrounded by water canals. Although I never had luck up to now 😦