Yesterday night I was invited to go to watch “The Hobbit” with 2 friends. So I got picked up and we drove over to the cinema, but of course not with some fun happening:

Drive to cinema… Driver J. is confused about the taxi behind him, gets next to him at next traffic light and says literally (come on it’s late, can’t remember everything): There’s a speed camera, I gonna force him to get a picture.
Me like: O_o okay? *lol*
Light gets green, J. on gas, gets faster away than taxi, taxi speeds up and bam…. me laughing my ass off as taxi driver realizes he just got a shot.

At the cinema we got the tickets and sat down as we had still one hour to wait for the movie to start… of course next prank was following:

We were talking about German swear words J. taught K. Me said: But you know as German is a fast speaking language we dislike to spell “Scheiße” as it’s too long for usage”
They both look at me: so what do you say?
Me: Fuck
*silence* and than laughter: That was unexpected, I didn’t see that coming.

So we got into the movie and as it’s a bit long the movie had a break in the middle.

So the dwarves sit down to eat (in the middle of the movie), screen shows “Pauze”, me shouts: FOOD!
After the break the dwarves eat…

That was definitely a weird but funny evening. On the way back we saw an awesome moon and I was really sad I didn’t had my camera with me. The moon was really bright shining – even through all the clouds.
But I got the moon at 5:24 AM when I woke up due to the bright shinyness.